Butterfly Birthday Party Theme Ideas - Welcome To Nana's (2024)

Butterfly Birthday Party Theme Ideas - Welcome To Nana's (1)

A Butterfly Party!

Butterfly Birthday Party Theme Ideas bring all the fun butterfly crafts and food ideas featured on Welcome to Nana's together so the birthday party for your grand goes off with "Flying Colors".

Do you have a grand in your life that would enjoy celebrating a birthday with butterflies everywhere? Here are a series of activities and foods that will make the planning easy.

My daughter had a butterfly birthday theme for her daughter’s (my grand’s) birthday and I was smitten. So “uplifting”. I know, I’m so cheesy. On we go.

How about a list of ideas for you to choose from with links to the recipes and directions? Yes!!!

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Let’s start with the food.

Butterfly pretzel cookies are made from pretzels, white chocolate and sprinkles. A butterfly lover’s dream. They are simple to make and the grands can help unless you want things to be a surprise. TheDecorated Butterfly Pretzel Cookie Recipecan be found by clicking here. These can be made ahead and kept in an airtight container to set out on a serving plate close to party time.

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DIY Paper Butterfly Cupcake Toppersare a quick paper craft that can be set on top of your frosted cupcakes. You can make or purchase a dozen (or more) of any flavor of cupcake with any flavor and color of frosting. Make up a dozen of these paper beauties in whatever colors of scrapbooking papers that would complement your theme. Then set them on top of the cupcakes right before the party. Wow, a real centerpiece on a cupcake stand.

I think that some larger DIY Paper Butterfly Cupcake Toppers would be cute on a swag and also as table decorations! Seriously, they are very fast and easy to make. Basically 2 paper circles, a staple and a little paper folding.Boom, a beautiful paper butterfly! Instructions are found by clicking this link: DIY Paper Butterfly Cupcake Toppers.

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Add a fruit rainbow...

A plate of fruit in rainbow colors looks so pretty and appetizing. The kids will be eager to try some of every color so be sure to buy plenty of fruit. And it's good for them!! Woo-hoo! The plate featured here had strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple, green grapes and blueberries. Place the fruit in stripes on the serving platter, cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator and the fruit rainbow is ready to set out and serve come party time. Yum.

And a special DIY treat

Party food quickly becomes a hands-on entertainment as well with Ice Cream in a Bag! This delish dessert allows each child to mix up their own sweet treat. And of course, you'll want some brightly butterfly colored sprinkles to decorate once it's finished! Learn how to Make Your Own Ice Cream in a Bag here at this link.

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Don't forget the plates and napkins!

Here are some cute butterfly paper products you may want to consider. Butterfly Party Supplies for 16 People; or check out these Blue Butterfly Shaped Plates and colored napkins of your choice.

How about some fun butterfly activities?

As the kids come to the party (or any time during the party for that matter) theButterfly Wings Photo Backdropprovides a great opportunity to catch each guest's smile and prove that every child has wings to fly!! You can paint this backdrop the week before on some white butcher paper. The pattern and directions make this project like making a giant coloring book page. It is really fun. Make it yourself or enlist the help of grands or friends. Isn’t it great? Instructions are found here at the Butterfly Wings Photo backdrop post.

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The Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft is a good one for the kids to create while at the party. Gather the kids to start this craft early in the party so the first step of drawing on and wetting the coffee filters can dry. Then the kids can come back to finish their craft later in the party. Coffee filters and a pipe cleaner make this beautiful tie dye butterfly craft easy and affordable. Directions on making the Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft are found by clicking here.

Needing some outdoor activities to “fly” off some energy? The 14 Activities To Get Your Kids Outside post links you to a variety of outdoor activity ideas. You could choose a couple to have ready if you want to get outside for awhile.

Lastly you may want to send the grands home with a packet of Butterfly Garden Ideas that they can actually use to plant and observe a butterfly garden area at their home. You can find these printable pages by Angi at this link: Butterfly Garden Ideas. I have some butterfly milkweed planted at my house and love seeing them bloom and attract butterflies every year.This could help the joy of butterflies last all year long!

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So exciting! Butterfly birthday party theme ideas!

Wow! These Butterfly Birthday Party Theme Ideas are getting me excited. August is my birthday month and I love to include a party theme on Welcome to Nanas in celebration. I hope you are as excited as I am! Happy birthday to your butterfly grands! May they have wings to fly through their year.

A big thank you to my daughter for inspiring this post.

Please post pictures of your butterfly birthday party fun. Hoping it goes off with "flying colors"!

Full List of Butterfly Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Decorated Butterfly Pretzel Cookie Recipe

DIY Paper Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

Make Your Own Ice Cream in a Bag

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

Plate of Rainbow Color Fruit

Butterfly Wings Photo backdrop

Butterfly Garden Ideas

14 Activities To Get Your Kids Outside

Blue Butterfly Shaped Plates

Butterfly Party Supplies for 16 People


Welcome to Nana’s! Where there’s fun things to do with your “grand” kids!

Come join the fun atwww.WelcomeToNanas.com

Butterfly Birthday Party Theme Ideas - Welcome To Nana's (2024)
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