Everything You Need for a Butterfly Themed 1st Birthday (2024)

Who doesn’t love butterflies? These fluttery creatures are colorful and unique, making them the perfect focal point to celebrate an upcoming first birthday milestone.

A butterfly themed 1st birthday party is a great choice to help you easily create an unforgettable and magical setting. There are a ton of different ways to incorporate these whimsical creatures into the little details and make the celebration one to remember.

From the decor to the food, we put together a list of details you need to throw the perfect butterfly themed 1st birthday party that will make party planning a breeze.

Here is everything you need for a butterfly themed 1st birthday party:

A Butterfly Themed Venue

Choosing a venue is an important step when planning your child's birthday party. There are many things to consider including the number of people you are planning to invite, party activities for kids, and accessibility of the location. For younger kids, it's best to choose something close to home and kid-friendly.


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In warmer months, a garden is a great fit for a butterfly themed party. Soak up the sun with a location that fits in perfectly with nature. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even spot a real butterfly! Choosing a garden also means there's lots of space for outdoor party games and entertainment. Consider hosting in your own backyard to check off this crucial part step right away.


A loft is a cozy and intimate space where you can freely decorate with your chosen decor. Lofts make great blank canvases and are also typically very practical spaces. Many times, loft venues come with extras such as connected rooftop gardens or terraces. It’s ideal to have a little space to step out, spread your butterfly wings, and grab some fresh air during any party.

Kids’ Party Entertainment

Face Painter

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A face painter is a perfect fit for a kid's birthday party, no matter what theme. The kids are sure to have big smiles on their faces after their amazing transformations! With vibrant and fun color combinations, there are so many exciting designs that a professional face painter can create! Add some glitter for an extra magical butterfly sparkle.

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Butterfly Hunt

For a fun party game, why not hide some plastic butterflies and have the kids hunt for them? This game will keep them occupied, moving, and having tons of fun with their friends. You could even hand out prizes to the guest that finds the most butterflies to add a little competition to the game!

Balloon Twister

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Keep the kids entertained with a balloon twister for tons of fun and butterfly shaped balloons! In general, balloon artists can create popular animals and creatures for your party and are always learning new designs. Make sure to let the balloon twister know your party has a butterfly theme so they can be prepared with the corresponding colors and designs.

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Bounce House

Fly high like a butterfly with kids’ favorite party entertainment—bounce houses. If holding your party outdoors, a bounce house is a wonderful and exciting addition to your child's first birthday party. Who knows, maybe the adults will get involved too!

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Butterfly Birthday Party Creative Details

Add an extra touch of magic to this butterfly themed party with these creative details.


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When it comes to creative details, your invitations are an ideal way to have some fluttery fun! Choose invitations that are butterfly-shaped or just decorated with sparkly butterflies. Let all your guests know they’re being invited to flutter by for some butterfly fun!

Party Favors

Thank your guests for flying by the birthday party with some butterfly-themed party favors. Why not hand out party favors in paper bags decorated with butterflies or even some butterfly-shaped boxes filled with something special? You could also gift the kids butterfly stickers so they can carry some butterfly magic home with them.


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Costumes are an ideal element to add to your birthday party. Tie in the butterfly theme by asking guests to wear something with a butterfly on it, or go as far as to have glittery butterfly wings as part of the dress code for the event. The creative ways to add butterflies to your look are sure to add to the fun, from headbands to 90s-style butterfly hair clips, earrings, and more.


Take the stress out of party planning by letting a professional handle the food for you. They can help serve food in any style you like, incorporating your vision with a custom menu and making sure there's something for everyone to enjoy. Professional caterers can also help ensure that any special dietary requirements are taken care of.

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Butterfly Birthday Cake

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What’s a birthday party without cake? Birthday cake is an excellent way to incorporate the butterfly theme. Let your imagination run wild from a butterfly shape to pretty butterfly cake toppers, sprinkles, sparklers, and more. You can also design the butterfly cake to match the chosen color scheme.


After putting in all the work to throw a fabulous butterfly-themed party, you need a photographer to ensure no special moment is missed. Capture priceless memories of your child's 1st birthday party that you can treasure forever.

Butterfly Party Decorations

Butterfly String Lights

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Adding a few strands of butterfly lights to your event is sure to delight the kids. Another option is an LED wall light shaped like a butterfly to add a cool and fresh touch to any event space. There are so many wonderful lighting and decor rentals here on The Bash to help you!

Butterfly Chair Covers

Butterfly chair covers are a super fun and creative way to make sure everyone knows what your party theme is! Turn the kid's table into a magical enchanted garden by adding some butterfly wings to the back of their little chairs—you could even add these for the adults too!

Butterfly Themed Food

These butterfly food ideas are a fun way to serve butterfly-themed treats to delight both kids and adults.

Butterfly Crackers and Cheese

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Using a butterfly-shaped cookie cutter, you can turn simple slices of cheddar and muenster into tasty butterfly snacks. Add some butterfly shaped crackers, and you're good to go. These are ideal finger food perfect for little hands.

Butterfly Pasta

Serve up some bowtie pasta to mimic the shape of butterfly wings. This is also a more budget-friendly butterfly-themed food option. You could even add some edible food coloring during cooking so your butterfly pasta matches your party colors.

Marbled Butterfly Cookies

Everything You Need for a Butterfly Themed 1st Birthday (9)Photo: Aleksandr Tsybulskyy/shutterstock.com

Create some beautiful butterfly cookies for guests to enjoy that are easy to make using a butterfly shaped cookie cutter. Get as creative and elaborate as you like when it comes to decorating, but for this party, the more the merrier. These beautiful marble butterfly sugar cookies are a super pretty way to pay homage to your butterfly theme.

Butterfly Themed Drinks

Anything can become a butterfly themed drink! Decorate your beverages with butterfly details including edible wafer butterflies or butterfly ice cubes.

Mango and Banana Smoothie

A mango and banana smoothie in kid-friendly servings is another ideal party drink. You can prepare the smoothie with fresh fruits, or for a quicker version, use frozen fruit. This cold snack is so delicious and creamy, kids will think it’s ice cream

Pink Lemonade

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Pink lemonade is a great kid-friendly drink that works well for adults too. Combine sugar and water, and stir over low heat until the sugar dissolves. Next, mix some cranberry, lemon juice, and soda water, then pour over ice and enjoy. If you want to skip the cranberry flavor, a drop or two of red food coloring will also do the trick.

Blue and Purple Mocktail

This fun and fluttery mocktail is made using butterfly pea flowers. Quite simple to make, it's still something different that's sure to stand out to your guests. The pretty blue and purple shades also compliment the butterfly theme perfectly!

Find more kids’ birthday party ideas and inspiration here on The Bash.

Everything You Need for a Butterfly Themed 1st Birthday (2024)
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