Stunning Butterfly Theme Party For A First Birthday (2024)

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Easy to create butterfly theme party, perfect for a 1st birthday or baby shower. These ideas are easy to recreate and are fun for everyone involved.

With simple decoration, a party to remember is easier to create than you might think.

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I am currently in the midst of planning my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, and I realized that her first birthday party feature is WELL overdue!

I wanted to hold something bright and colorful but also something that displayed her personality. I settled on a butterfly theme party with the color scheme of bright pink and yellow.

We had visited a butterfly farm a few months prior to her birthday and she had been absolutely enthralled by them, plus I am always saying she is my social butterfly, so it seemed to fit pretty well.

I am really excited to share this with you today.

Butterfly Theme Party Invitation

The invitation always sets the scene for the party and I loved this party invitation for the garden feel and the added personalization.

I didn’t want anything that was “full on” butterfly, so this worked perfectly.

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Butterfly Theme Party Decoration

Butterflies were included absolutely everywhere in the party decoration. I purchased most of the decorations from Pink Frosting.

I absolutely love their range of decorations for all events, and I purchased beautiful butterflies, lanterns and napkins that worked a treat.

The butterflies are designed as cake toppers, but I decided to place them on the lanterns and scattered around the food table. They looked so realistic, they were absolutely stunning.

I also purchased extra butterflies from $2 stores and placed them on chairs, the pergola, literally anywhere that needed some butterfly sparkle!

Whilst there were still bright helium balloons to add splash of color, the lanterns were great for adding another dimension and pretty flare.

The party table was situated next to an otherwise dull looking wall. A simple piece of sparkly light yellow material was hung in front of the wall and was covered in butterflies. This distracted the eyes away from the ugly looking bricks and worked perfectly for filling in the space.

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My favorite decoration was the butterfly canvas which was made out of her two foot prints.

This is something really special to have as a keepsake and it looked so incredibly cute.

I had a special bib designed with a butterfly and a number 1, so she could still be in the party spirit when eating her cake.

It always seems such a shame to cover the gorgeous party dress with a bib, so this was the perfect solution.

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Butterfly Theme Party Food

The party food was kept simple with mainly home cooked treats consisting of mini quiches, sausage rolls, chocolate crackles, fairy bread, cupcakes, cookies and chocolate covered strawberries.

I was incredibly excited with my cupcakes as they were my first attempt with fondant decoration and the butterflies on top looked so pretty.

The stand out feature was however the number one cake with a gorgeous fondant butterfly perched on the top.

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She was a cheeky butterfly, just like the birthday girl!

Butterfly Theme Party Favors

As this was for a first birthday I wanted to keep the party favors very simple.

I decided to bake chocolate butterfly cookies and wrapped them in clear favor bags with some gorgeous butterfly and pink ribbon.

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They were an absolute hit, looked great on display, were easy to organise and tasted delicious!

To ensure that the kids remain entertained throughout the party, be sure to also check out this list of20 of the best toddler activities and games.

Of course this post would not be complete without showing a photo of the birthday girl herself.

So here is my social butterfly after tucking into a huge piece of her birthday cake!

The cheeky look on her face just goes to show that she had an absolute ball!

Do you think this butterfly theme party would be a great theme for your little girl? Maybe you have held a butterfly party in the past?

Need some ideas for a different theme? Check out theultimate guide to easy girls party ideas. You will have a ton of inspiration for different themes, games and more.

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Stunning Butterfly Theme Party For A First Birthday (2024)
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